David Earl is a certified Apple Logic Pro 10 trainer. He also teaches a variety of other audio production topics including modular synthesis, mixing and mastering. David has created a wealth of online courses covering Logic 101 and 201 among others, many of which can be found at MacPro Video. He also offers tips & tutorials via his sflogicninja YouTube channel, with over 30,000 subscribers and 4 million views.


David speaks and teaches master classes at universities, Apple stores, Game Developers Conference, music conferences and other events. He has also authored an in-depth Beginner's Guide to Dance Music Production.

Speaking Events & Master Classes

  • Games & Playable Media Master’s Program - University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Stepping Out From the Shadows: Music, the Bass Guitar & the Rhetoric of Revolution - Stanford Arts Institute, Stanford University, 2012-2013 (guest speaker)
  • Logic Pro Workflow for Game Music Composition - Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 2012
  • Masterclass: An Afternoon with sflogicninja - Pyramind, San Francisco, CA, December 2010
  • Masterclass with sflogicninja - Winter Music Conference, Miami Beach, FL, March 2009
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MacPro Video Tutorials

Having taught for over 10 years at an Apple Certified training facility in San Francisco called Pyramind, David has long been a resource to fellow composers, producers and studio engineers who needed help with their DAWs.

A few years back he created the sflogicninja YouTube channel to provide a Logic resource for other aspiring producers, composers, and engineers. The enormous popularity of these videos inspired David to partner with to create longer format, in-depth tutorials.

David and the mPV team continue to create some of the best Logic tutorials on the planet. Check out some of his course previews here.

Logic X: 10.1 In Depth

MacPro Video

Thanks to David Earl. Outstanding tutorial. Chock full of useful tools and tips....


Learn The PLAY Engine

MacPro Video

Another great tutorial by David Earl. Now that EW offers ComposerCloud, although I've bought individual libraries over the years, I'm excited to have access to all of the gold-level instruments, primarily in Logic. This was exactly what I needed to backfill some of my knowledge and plug the holes I've had in my Play kung fu for years (I admit it, I've dead-reckoned my way through the UI with a little forum troubleshooting). Looking forward to the subsequent courses.

~Craig Koller

Alchemy Explored

MacPro Video

I've been following David Earl (not literally of course) a.k.a SFLogicNinja for many years and this course really does justice to his teaching skills. Alchemy is a monster, an intimidating synth which could quite easily overwhelm newbies and ultimately send many confused students packing. Enter Mr Earl. He breaks it down piece by piece, then slowly builds it back up again bringing all the knowledge together at the end with a fun sound design lesson.

~Andy Hodge

Core Training: Create Your 1st Project

MacPro Video

Great beginner course! David Earl does a great job at explaining everything he goes over clearly and at a reasonable speed! Nice quick overview of the simple functions in Logic X.

~Nico Hartt

EastWest 103: Tools for Film, TV & Games

MacPro Video

Amazing and very deep course. If you own the EastWest libraries this is the course you have to watch. Thanks David.


Modular Synthesis With Reaktor


This is a GREAT class. I highly recommend it. Reaktor can be intimidating, but little by little he breaks it down. I feel like I have gotten practical use out of it from watching these videos. There is so much to learn here. I have come back multiple times to watch. David Earl is a superior instructor. You will enjoy him. I hope he will do more here.

~A CreativeLive Student

Logic 10.1 In-Depth

MacPro Video

David is probably the best instructor I've seen. Love everything I've watched of his - very on-the-ball guy!!

~Devon Kyle

Core Training: Mixing & Automation

MacPro Video

Another great video series from David Earl "SFLogicNinja". Even if you are a working professional, using Logic Pro X daily, you can still learn a lot from this course... A few things have been updated in 10.2 since this was released. But don't let that stop you from getting your mind blown. Lots to learn, and plenty of tips and tricks to make a daily part of your mixing workflow. This is a must watch!

~Ben Rico

EastWest 103: Tools for Film, TV & Games

MacPro Video

This course opened my eyes to how robust the EastWest libraries are for composers. David Earl is an outstanding instructor going through the libraries on a guided tour and explaining how they can apply to a variety of music in any composition. His pace is great for beginners who want to know the ins and outs of the graphical user interface of PLAY. I enjoyed all the libraries in context with the compositions David shared at the end of the course.


Core Training: Mixing & Automation

MacPro Video

This is probably the best course I've seen so far! It's not entirely focused on learning Logic's functions itself, but how to complete common mixing tasks in logic while using some of the features most commonly used in any mix. David explains how to go about a mix very well and I highly recommend this course!


FM8: FM Synthesis & Sound Design

MacPro Video

David Earl is a fantastic teacher. He explains things very well and I had no trouble following along. It seems like this course is missing videos at the end. He only showed how to make pretty bell and brassy tones; I know this synth is capable of doing a lot more such as heavy electronic complextro and dubstep sounds.


Modular Synthesis With Reaktor


David Earl (or sflogicninja...he doesn't care what you call him) is the best! I watched so many tutorials on Reaktor and by his second video I already learned more than the other ones. Thank you!

~A CreativeLive Student

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LMMS: A Complete Guide to Dance Music Production

Beginner's Guide

David Earl

The beginner's guide to exploring, understanding, and rocking the world of dance music using the free LMMS digital audio workstation.

  • Create the dance music you wanted. An experienced guide shows you the ropes.
  • Learn from the best in dance music; its history, its people, and its genres.
  • Learn the art of making music: from the way you set up your equipment, to polishing up your final mix.
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