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As an avid supporter of creative visions, David Earl teaches audio production with live courses, online videos, articles and more.


Recording Engineer - Producer - Studio Photo - David Earl Productions

David Earl works with some of the best talent in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, his signature sound supporting the vision of many emerging and established artists.


David Earl

sflogicninja Icon - Educator - David Earl Productions


An avid supporter of creative vision, David Earl teaches audio production with live courses, online videos, articles and more.

Recording Engineer - Producer - David Earl Productions


David Earl works with some of the best talent in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, his signature sound supporting the vision of many emerging and established artists.

Lee Petty - Testimonial - David Earl Productions

Lee Petty

Art Director, Double Fine Productions

I worked with Dave on Headlander, a 70’s science fiction inspired video game set in a future dystopian world of automation. I was the project lead and worked closely with Dave during the entire game. I gave Dave a really difficult challenge — make this imaginary world of analog robotics, fiberglass and lasers come alive. Dave delivered an inventive and stunning analog synth wave score that did exactly that.

Even though he worked out of house, Dave took the time to come in and attend our team meetings, to get a deeper perspective on the project as a whole. And then he way over-delivered, both in terms of quality and quantity. He was amazingly responsive as well, turning around feedback quickly and somehow making something great even better.

I can’t even imagine what Headlander would be without Dave’s music.

John Petrucci - Testimonial - David Earl Productions

John Petrucci

Guitarist/Composer/Producer - Dream Theater

David is the Logic Guru! There hasn't been a recording related question he couldn't answer or a problem he couldn't solve in all the time I've worked with him!

Jeff Darby - Testimonial - David Earl Productions

Jeff Darby

Sound Designer, Sony

David is a something like a rabbit's foot... if he's involved in any given project, it's something to check out and take note of. David always puts his ALL into his work, resulting in immeasurable creative contributions of originality, style, and CLASS. Things just always seem to run smoothly when he is involved.

I have had the pleasure of working along David's side many times over the years, and he is the best composer I know.

John Dahl Honoré

Music Composer/Producer/Mixer - MASTER FADE MUSIC

Dave Earl is a truly nice guy, and a fantastic teacher and friend. As a music composer/producer his work is top quality, he understands his craft and his tools well.

If you:

  • need to learn Apple's Logic Pro software
  • need fantastic music that hits just the right emotional mark
  • need an amazing music producer

...David Earl is your man.

I have known Dave for about five years now, and am constantly in awe of his depth of knowledge, and his willingness to share that knowledge with others. Plus... he's got some deadly chops on the keyboards.

I would highly recommend David Earl for all things musical.

William Spencer

Marketing Consultant

To a certain extent, thousands of fans on YouTube say something that an individual cannot. Nonetheless, I'm going to try....

David Earl is equal parts great musician, great teacher, great professional, and great person.

As an electronic musician, David's attention to detail, speed, and creativity is inspiring. His skill as a teacher allows him to communicate the skills needed to attain this level of proficiency, making the impossible achievable for his students. In turn, his grasp of those ideas apply to his professional work, making David's music is as distinctive as it is compelling. And his sincere love for music and the creative process is evident.

He combines all these traits in a package of energy and enthusiasm that consistently brightens the day of those around him.

I enjoyed working with David very much, and I recommend him highly for any musical project or team.

Jeremy Fortes - Testimonials - David Earl Productions

Jeremy Fortes

Artist - Almost Everywhere, Marrow

David Earl is a musical force of nature. His musical roots are not only formal (classical, jazz, african rhythm,) but he also has the technical engineering and production knowledge to bring your musical visions to life. In addition to his deftness in all things “music studio” David has a deep understanding of ALL classical, modern and post-modern styles of music.

While in sessions, we often talk in references. “I think I want to have a Trent (Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails) moment here” or “how about a Skrillex noise maker synth for this part” or “how about something like Ravel”.

David is not a fan of preset or out of the box sounds. He tends to build or augment a lot of sounds from scratch, either designing them by hand or recording the instrument outright, giving your music a unique sound that will become your sonic identity.

David hears music like painters see pictures. The colors, saturations, textures, highlights, lowlights all in service to the moment in time your compositions are evoking. And he feels the music even more. As a client you could not have a better person at the helm of your session. I trust him with my more than 20+ year musical career.

Michael Roache

Producer, Sound at Blizzard Entertainment

David is the real deal. You can learn more from David in one minute than most people can teach you in one year. As long as you can keep up with him. I was a student of David's, then his intern and now, I'm proud to say, his colleague. You need Logic tips, talk to David. Production tips, talk to David. A score or sound design for your game or movie, well, you get the idea. David can do it all. And his easygoing demeanor and unparalleled intelligence make it a treat to work with him in any environment.

Jordan Rudess

President at Wizdom Music

David is a gem among humans. FIrst of all, he is a very giving, thoughtful and talented person. Anybody who just takes their personal time to reach out and help the masses for the love of it, as he has done in his youtube Logic Audio trainings, is unique. That's how I discovered him! He is a superb teacher. He not only knows what he is talking about, but his unassuming, friendly and musician type- cool approach, makes learning effective and like your just hangin with a friend! In addition to the teaching role- David's ease with computers and music software directly benefit his own music which he creates with awesome results. You gotta hear some of it!
Having David on your side- whether it is in the role of writing/producing music for a production or teaching people how to make music with computers seems like a total winning situation. Don't keep him too busy though - I still want to be able to reach him!!

Keith Crusher

Computer | Audio | Video | Web Design | Technology - Tekguild

Dave is an amazing composer, musician and all around good guy. His chops with Logic are second to none and he's got mixing skills for days. I give him my highest recommendations - he'll come through for you and within the timeframe you need (I've even seen him have stuff ready for clients YESTERDAY!).